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When Le Tigre came through our town recently I went with our kid. I'm both the "I wish I looked punk always so that cool looking dude would know I'm part of the tribe" and "cis, straight geriatric punk guy". Our kid is not any of those things. They took off to dance (I was stationed, as all old dudes are, by the sound board), and I could see them backlit from the stage lights and I got a bit teary. To be in a queer space where I 100% knew they were accepted and safe and with their people? I wish that for everyone.

This piece is so so lovely and poignant and amazing.

Thank you.

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I remember going to see this band at a basement show in Michigan and this song especially. It was fucking intense and a real moment of unity. It was a show where there were very few people at the start of the set but people kept going upstairs to use the house phone to call people to get there ASAP. It was packed by the end.


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thank you, thank you, thank you for this generous && poignant piece.

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